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Pattern Application
Picture Description Application Pattern
W-5; 33.5-33 33.25-35 37.25-35 37.5-33 33.25-29
Benefits and Advantages:1)Center riding rib providing a smooth ride and improving lateral stability2)Deep, non-direction…
heavy-duty scraper and loader operating on mining areas, tunnel, quarry, construction site, etc. W-5
DUMAX568; 15.5R25 17.5R25 20.5R25 23.5R25 26.5R25
Benefits and Advantages:1) Radial design producing good ground grasping and traction in harsh condition,such as contruct…
loader, dozer, earthmover, grader, scraper operating under the relatively severe conditions DUMAX568
W-10A; 66x43.00-25
Benefits and Advantages1) Low ply rating and low tread depth design make the tire light2) Tire looks cool at super wide …
Monster Performance Car W-10A
W-10B; 66x44.00-25
Benefits and Advantages:Low-sectional tire with super base providing: high traction performance on soft road surface …
petroleum exploration vehicle (vibrator machine) and fuel truck W-10B
W-11; 8.25-16 9.00-16 21.00-25
Benefits and Advantages:The combination of wide tread, round shoulder and streamlined pattern design providing stable ri…
off-the-road cars and trucks which are operated on sandy ground and loose road surface W-11