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Size PR TRA Code
Pattern Application
Picture Description Application Pattern
TRACPRO668 IF; IF600/70R30
1) Tires with IF (Improved Flexion) are designed with a very flexible cheek, allowing for a larger internal volume and w…
harvester, spread, high-power tractor TRACPRO668 IF
SKSR; 10-16.5 12-16.5
Benefits and Advantages:The sandy rib tire producing good resistance to abrasion and tear with maximum traction and high…
skid steer and other small industrial vehicles in sand opertions SKSR
Benefits and Advantages:1) Super strong pneumatic shaped solid tire with special compounds improving load capacity and r…
lifter or forklift in tough working conditions PNST6-W
NMT; "355/65-15 (350-15)"
Benefits and Advantages:1) Energy-saving rolling resistance, low temperature sensitivity, good stability, good traction,…
nuclear material transporter NMT
TRACPRO668 Row Crop; 230/95R32 270/95R32 270/95R38 270/95R48 
Benefits and advantages:1) Compared with the bias, the radial design producing much larger load capacity for the modern …
front wheel in Row Crop tractor TRACPRO668