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Size PR TRA Code
Pattern Application
Picture Description Application Pattern
W-9C 5.00-8;6.00-9;6.50-10;7.00-12;8.25-15;28*9-15;9.00-20;10.00-20;12.00-20
Benefits and Advantages:1) Special compound producing good cutting, wear resistances, long lift service2) Wide and thick…
forklift vehicles operating in port, airport, factory and warehouse sites, etc W-9C
AGRO-INDPRO100; 340/80R18 340/80R20 400/80R24 405/70R24 440/80R24 440/80R28 460/70R24 480/80R26
Advantages and Benefits1) The tread pattern enables strong grip and high traction performances on soft surfaces, as …
backhoe, telescopic and compact loader AGRO-INDPRO100
AGRO-INDPRO200; 445/70R19.5 (18R19.5) 445/70R22.5 (18R22.5)
Advantages and Benefits:1) The radial construction producing a wide base and mud releaser2) The massive lugs with st…
backhoe, telescopic and compact loader AGRO-INDPRO200
IMPF3; 11L-15 11L-16 14.5/75-16.1
Benefits and Advantages:1) INDUSTRIAL RIB F3 is an agro-industrial rib-pattern tire designed for field and road transpor…
2-wheel drive backhoe front, soil tillage operation, implement machinery, trailer IMPF3
SKSRIB; 10-16.5 12-16.5
Benefits and Advantages:The sandy rib tire producing good resistance to abrasion and tear with maximum traction and high…
skid steer and other small industrial vehicles in sand opertions SKSRIB