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Marcher just had 280/80R18(10.5/80R18) AGRO-INDPRO100 radial construction tire released, finally, Marcher has all the AGRO-INDPRO100 sizes available. AGRO-INDPRO100 is designed with steel-belt, is a multi-purpose tire developed for manifold agro-industrial applications. It is suitable for all digging and loading operations on vehicles such as telehandlers,compact loaders and  backhoe loaders. Stability and high load capacity are its strengths as well as outstanding puncture resistance. It is the right response for all agro-industrial heavy-duty needs.

Size Load
280/80R18 IND 132A8/132B W9
340/80R18 IND 143A8/143B 11.00
340/80R20 IND 144A8/144B 11.00
380/75R20 IND 148A8/148B W12
400/80R24 IND 162A8/162B DW13
405/70R20 IND 149A8/149B DW13
405/70R24 IND 152A8/152B DW13
440/80R24 IND 161A8/161B DW14L
440/80R28 IND 156A8/156B DW14L
460/70R24 IND 159A8/159B DW15L 
480/80R26 IND 160A8/160B DW15
500/70R24 IND 164A8/164B DW16L
540/70R24 IND 168A8/168B DW16L

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