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Size PR TRA Code
Pattern Application
Picture Description Application Pattern
W-8; 16.00-20 23.1-26 24-21 24.00-20.5
Benefits and Advantages1) E-7 special compound producing good resistance to the high temperature2) Flat and wide foot pr…
E-7 used in the sandy area, C-1 for compactor in road construction W-8
W-10; 66x43.00-25 54x37.00-25
Benefits and Advantages:1) Special tire used in petroleum exploration vehicle (vibrator machine) and fuel truck2) Deeper…
high-powered tractors, logging skidder in agricultural and forestry applications W-10
W-10A; 66x43.00-25
Benefits and Advantages1) Low ply rating and low tread depth design make the tire light2) Tire looks cool at super wide …
Monster Performance Car W-10A
W-10B; 66x44.00-25
Benefits and Advantages:Low-sectional tire with super base providing:high traction performance on soft road surfaceextre…
petroleum exploration vehicle (vibrator machine) and fuel truck W-10B
QZ-702A; 30.5L-32 66x43.00-25
Benefits and Advantages:1) High flotation capability along with low soil compaction and excellent traction in the field2…
combine harvester, high-power tractors, monster truck QZ-702A