DUMAX568 L-3; 15.5R25 17.5R25 20.5R25 23.5R25 26.5R25 29.5R25
15.5R25 17.5R25 20.5R25 23.5R25 26.5R25 29.5R25

160% Load Capacity

The double-layer chafer reinforces the tire bead and increase the load capacity to 160%

Application of Vehicle Models :

loader, dozer, earthmover, grader, scraper operating under the relatively severe conditions

Advantages and Benefits:

1) Radial design producing good ground grasping and traction in harsh condition,such as contruction area, mine sites, quarry,etc.

2) Excellent traction and stability, delivering exceptional operator comfort

3) Excellent resistance to damage and longer life

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